Dispute Resolution Support

Dispute Resolution Support

As we all know, Covid-19 has created some extraordinary circumstances within which the property industry has operated in recent months. In many instances, throughout the stakeholder chain, most parties have reacted quickly, effectively and in partnership to protect the industry as a whole. However there is no doubt, this challenging environment will lead to situations which cannot be dealt with in this way.

Paragon’s Dispute Resolution Support team can help and support you should you need to navigate your way out of such a situation. There is no “one size fits all solution” in such disputes; our RICS registered expert witnesses have a range of experience in providing initial advice through to full forensic project support to suit specific projects, disputes and clients.

Where can we help:

  • “Dispute avoidance” – a full review and risk assessment to ensure all key project delivery protocols are identified or in place at the start of any development      
  • “The muddle” – where things are not going to plan; review, report and assist in providing client led commercial settlements along with viable options on ways forward to project completion
  • “The cradle to grave” – overarching support on project audits, expert reports and final account audits.
  • “Major project support ” – Comprehensive quantum analysis, measurement, cost analysis and scheduling to large and medium size quantum dispute resolution companies.

Many clients and primary dispute resolution experts regularly need flexible, experienced  support to provide peace of mind, reliability and risk mitigation when meeting deadlines.

Internal resource to respond to peaks and troughs

  • We have a skilled and diverse pool of talent within Paragon, all with active commercial experience
  • We can tailor our service to the specific type of DRS you require
  • Our flexible, director led approach allows us to resource any project cost effectively as we react to peaks and troughs throughout the process. We offer flexibility to call on this resource to meet peaks and troughs on demand.

Please contact the team for more information: garybutcher@paragonbc.co.uk or normanbenn@paragonbc.co.uk



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