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Adam Alexander

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My career history:

  • Joined Briggs & Forrester as Senior Mechanical Designer
  • Joined RPS as Associate Director
  • Joined Low Energy Consultancy as Director
  • Joined Paragon in September

My career highlight:

Achieving Chartership with CIBSE and finally gaining my Masters Degree, while working.

Project wise, being involved with the regeneration works at Bletchley Park.

What keeps me motivated:

Learning – every day is a school day and there is always something in this industry that is evolving, which sometimes throws unusual challenges.

What I do differently:

I tend to drive towards practical solutions first. Being an Engineer at heart, this does appear to be my go to.

I will ponder on an issue and use a good long run to battle out the best solution.

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

I’m a keen runner – I’m no Mo, but long distance running is my thing.  I coach as part of a Local Athletic Club – young 8-18yrs olds and also take part in county cross country events as a Master.  That has no reference to my ability but only indicates how very old I am!

My favourite food:

Oriental food, having spent 4 years in the far east as a young person, I’m hooked.
Second is Italian, especially the seafood.

My favourite eatery:

Sorentinos for the Italian here in Northampton, but if I could manage it and money was no object there’s a nice place on Lake Garda I know…

My favourite drink:

A double Jamesons and ice, sat in a dark corner by the fire somewhere.

My favourite travel destination:

Venice for the art.
Ravello for the fish, the food and the ambiance.

Not many people know this about me:

I wrote comedy sketches for an ITV show called Shoot the writers for two series. Yes it’s on IMDB.

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