Andrew Johnson - Director

Andrew Johnson

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My career history:

  • Joined Henry Riley as a Surveyor
  • Joined AYH as Senior Surveyor
  • Joined Bond Davidson as Director of a  dedicated Bank and Fund monitoring team.

My career highlight:

Becoming a Director of a very successful team full of great talent.

What keeps me motivated:

The mortgage, the fear of University fees and the kids staying at home …..

What I do differently:

I’ve always stressed the importance of ownership and the strength of a team effort being vital for the delivery and the success of any project / task.

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

I’m the only non-musical person in the family but spend Saturdays at a Music School where my wife teachers and the kids are tutored. Sundays are very precious!

My favourite food:

Something simple – smooth scrambled eggs on white buttered toast


Something sophisticated – just add wild Alaskan smoked salmon


Something adventurous – just add marmite to toast ready to receive the egg (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!)

My favourite eatery:

Pretty much all the Korean and Japanese restaurants in and around New Malden.

My favourite drink:

Whatever is in the ever expanding drinks cabinet, but usually a G&T and partial to a good cognac.

My favourite travel destination:

Love the UK countryside, but partial to a drive through France to a remote location. 

Not many people know this about me:

I actually used to be quite sporty!!

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