Elaine McKail - Office Manager & PA

Elaine McKail

Office Manager & PA

+44 (0)131 300 0070
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My career history:

  • Started work after a year at Secretarial College and spent a “few” years at Ernst & Young.  
  • Joined DTZ in 2001 and spent 15 years working within working with the Office Agency Team,  PA to the MD and Office Manager.
  • PA / Admin Manager roles within Royal Bank of Scotland and a Scottish based Builder.
  • Delighted to have joined Paragon as PA/Office Manager and to help grow the new Edinburgh office.

My career highlight:

Being nominated (unknowingly by my colleagues) and winning an award for “Going the Extra Mile”.  Meant a lot to me that my hard work and commitment to the company had been recognised for my efforts.

What keeps me motivated:

Enjoy being part of a team and supporting that team to deliver and celebrate in the shared successes.

What I do differently:

Being reliable, helpful, dependable and enthusiastic without being boring!  

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

I love spending time with family and friends.  Usually involves food and drink if I’m honest.  I love a good musical at the theatre and always wanted to be Doris Day when I was younger!  I have a petrol head for a husband and would love to go to the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo…it’s on the bucket list. 

My favourite food:

I don’t actually have a favourite food, I’ll try most things once, but I have been told I’m weird because I don’t like sponge cakes or cakes in general!

My favourite eatery:

Can’t say I have a favourite eatery, just love trying new places and experiences – more about the company and the banter than the food!

My favourite drink:


My favourite travel destination:

That would be Italy, however never like to visit a destination more than twice as there are just too many places still to explore. 

Not many people know this about me:

I have hypermobile joints, party trick used to be twisting my pinkie finger round and bending my thumb back to touch my wrist. 

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