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Elliott Garrett

Drone Services

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My career history:

  • Joined CNP as Measured Surveyor
  • Joined Formula One Management as Circuit Engineer
  • Joined Paragon 2018

My career highlight:

Being at a very successful first Singapore Grand Prix which I was heavily involved in the planning.

What keeps me motivated:

To grow the Aerial Surveying services and drone applications to all of Paragon's clients. 

What I do differently:

I am a practical, precise person with an engineering, surveying background along with a creative eye. 

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

My young children, golf when I can, watching sport, socialising and playing the guitar… but mostly my young cherub girls. 

My favourite food:

Everything and anything, my pet hate is fussy eaters… and I live with one. 

My favourite eatery:

Enjoying trying to find it.  

My favourite drink:

Beer, red wine, G&T, whisky, Smokey Sour.

My favourite travel destination:

Thailand, Brazil, Budapest, Ibiza, Austrian Alps.

Not many people know this about me:

I once helped locate and rescue (via Helicopter) my friend from an icy cliff in Les Deux Alps… at night!! We made Sky News. Never go Off Piste alone!!!

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