George  Acton  - Senior Building Surveyor

George Acton

Senior Building Surveyor
+44 (0)20 7125 0112
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My career history

  • Joined JLL as a graduate in 2016 
  • Became Chartered in 2019 
  • Joined Paragon in 2021

My career highlight

Becoming Chartered will take some beating. I’ve also worked on the construction of a few supported living schemes which was always rewarding.

What keeps me motivated

Always looking forward and working towards that next goal.

What I do differently

Think holistically. I find looking at things in the round helps me make better decisions and give more thorough advice

What keeps me busy at the weekend

I’ve recently started playing hockey again after a six year hiatus. Golf has been a mainstay for most of my life, despite not having gotten any better. Time with my family and friends is important and I have a young Niece that keeps me busy

My favourite food

Being a Brummie there’s only one answer; chicken Balti and garlic naan

My favourite eatery

For said Balti, it has to be Azims in Birmingham. Otherwise Blacklock is pretty decent for all things meat

My favourite drink

It has to be tea… or Guinness.

My favourite travel destination

I’ve been to Hong Kong twice and it is an amazing place. But in the UK, any time spent in Cornwall is time well spent.

Not many people know this about me

I once reached the final of a National poker tournament: sadly I didn’t win.

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