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Mark Sherrell

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My career history:

  • I qualified with the RICS in 1991 whilst working with DTZ (as was)
  • Joined Dron and Wright in 1994 
  • Joined Watts and Partners in 1998. During my time at Watts I ran their offices in Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf for six years
  • After almost nineteen years in total at Watts I joined Paragon in 2017 and am predominantly occupied with Technical Due Diligence and Project Monitoring

My career highlight:

Being made Director of a large City surveying firm at 32 and running four offices in Germany would have to be pre-Paragon highlights.

What keeps me motivated:

The world of Technical Due Diligence, in which I am focused, is fast-moving, dynamic and never dull!

What I do differently:

I try to give as commercial a view as possible, which is essential in the transactions market and really appreciated by my clients.

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

I am married to a Finnish Swede, or a Swedish Finn – she can’t decide which - and we live in north London where we enjoy going for pub lunches and walks around Highgate and Alexandra Palace. I love my cricket, although my playing days are mostly over now, as well as going to the cinema, seeing live music and eating out with friends.

My favourite food:

Tapas in a beach bar, somewhere hot.

My favourite eatery:

You have to go a long way to beat a splurge at one of the Hawksmoors, although I have had some amazing meals at Roka on Charlotte Street, too.

My favourite drink:

I developed a taste for wheat beer in Germany but it has to be a decent bottle of red. I’m fortunate that one of my friends owns a wine club and can always steer me in the right direction around a Wine List.

My favourite travel destination:

I am going to say Bali as that is the next big holiday I am planning for – but it changes every year!

Not many people know this about me:

I spent two years travelling around the world in the 1990s in the days before the internet. My Mum still has the six postcards I sent home during that time…

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