William Westland - Assistant Cost Manager

William Westland

Assistant Cost Manager

+44 (0)1372 469 985
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My career history

  • Joined Paragon as a graduate August 2021

My career highlight

Joining a great cost management team at Paragon.

What keeps me motivated

My motivation comes from the people around me and not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow. If today’s bad then tomorrow hosts a new opportunity. 

What I do differently

Chatting to get to know my team and people I work with. It makes work life easier and helps extract knowledge and information on projects.

What keeps me busy at the weekend

At the weekend I enjoy meeting up with friends to watch sport, as well as a bit of Sunday league during the season. In the off season I tend to enjoy working on my terrible golf swing and getting on my bike around the parks.

My favourite food

Not much food I don’t like, my favourite comfort foods are chicken pie and lasagne, but I do love Mexican and seafood as a treat.

My favourite eatery

Anywhere on the Mediterranean coast, where I can get moules et frites with a seafront view.

My favourite drink

Beer. Any beer, the cheaper the better, but if my budget will allow then I enjoy a craft IPA like Brewdog.

My favourite travel destination

The south of France or Amalfi Coast are the best beach holidays for me, but Vietnam was definitely the most fun I have had abroad.

Not many people know this about me

Throughout University I was an Officer Cadet with the British Army.

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